Cultural Routes of Greater Boston Mass. USA #GlobalStoryMaps

What is new during these holidays? We are updating our favorite landmarks in Greater Boston, Massachusetts. A Story Map under construction.

Geolocations & Maps of Cultural Routes in the Metropolitan Area of Boston. Geolocations & Landmarks. #GeoLandmarks #CulturalRoutes. Link:

As a Survivor of the Blizzard of 1977, I made Cambridge and the Greater Metropolitan Area of Boston home for years. After earning graduate degrees at MIT, I came back in several opportunities including a White Christmas and attending two TEDxBeaconStreet. Now we have reconnected with our Massachusetts home and we want to share some of the landmarks we always remember. Home is where our heart is and our mobile heart have several chambers. Charles River and the seas keep us connected.

Story Map under construction. Visit again later for updated photos, videos, stories, and maps. Dec 2022.


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