Sephardic ¨Semah de Valencia¨ returns to Valencia 500 years later after expulsion of Jews from Sefarad.

Sephardic Maritime Routes: Expulsion and return to Valencia, Spain 500 years later. “Sephardic Semah from Valencia returns to Valencia more than 500 years later.” Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia.

Condensed version in English of presentation done during Multaqa XIX International Mediterranean Conference 2023, Valencia, Spain. Panel “Contributions to the Culture of dialogue between peoples”. Shared at Florida State College at Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

The presentation includes the following points:

1. Routes of Sephardic Jews from Spain, the Netherlands, Curacao, Venezuela, the USA and Spain (Valencia). Expulsion ports.

2. In search of the ¨Semah de Valencia¨ family. ¨Semah de Valencia¨ returns to Valencia.

3. Return to Sefarad 500 years later. Law granting nationality to Sephardic .

4. International intercultural coexistence between Jews and Catholics.

5. Geolocations of Jewish Quarters, Churches, Hermitages and Sanctuaries. GeoSefarad. Sephardic legacy. Jewish quarters routes. Cultural Routes of Spain.

Dr. Jose Gregorio Lepervanche Valencia is a descendant of the Semah de Valencia Sephardic family and Professor of Information Systems at Colorado State University Global and Florida State College at Jacksonville. He has used geographic information systems to geolocate, photograph, and document places of educational interest in the 54 countries he has visited. After geolocating more than 200 Jewish quarters in Spain, it has now expanded its geolocations to churches, hermitages and sanctuaries, cultural routes, maritime routes, rivers and ports in Spain. See his work at

Video link:

European Jewish Quarters – Juderías de Europa – GeoSefarad https://europeanjewishquarters.wordpr

Global Story Maps – GeoLandmarks – GeoLugares

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