Rome, Italy. Historic Trail. BSA Transatlantic Council.

This Field Guide contains information on the Rome Historic Trail designed by a members of the Transatlantic Council. The guide is intended to be a starting point in your endeavor to learn about the history of the sites on the trail. Remember, this may be the only time your Scouts visit Rome in their life so make it a great time!

Link to Rome Historic Trail.

BSA Transatlantic Council Historic Trails allow Scouters and Scouts to bring history to life

Additional Historic Trails in the Transatlantic Council area can be found at

Rome, Italy. Historic Trail. BSA Transatlantic Council. Download the Field Guide and follow this trail. Get a cool patch after completing the trail. #TACHistoricTrails #RomeHistoricTrail #InternationalScouting #GlobalStoryMaps

Checkpoint #1 – *Colosseo (Coliseum). @scoutmasterjose

Checkpoint #1 – *Colosseo (Coliseum) at night during TAC Scouters’ Conference. Oct 2022.

Checkpoint #12 – St Peter’s Basilica. @scoutmasterjose


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